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Dubai International Financial Centre By Matthew Roddan

The Dubai International Financial Centre also called DIFC is located in Emirate of Dubai and is a federal financial free zone in United Arab Emirates. Established in 2004 through a decree, DIFC is a sprawling 110 acres. Legal systems and courts are different from UAE, with a jurisdiction over commercial, corporate, employment, trusts, civil and securities law affairs. The main aim of DIFC is to offer a platform for financial and business institutions to enter in or out of emerging marks in the region and to create an ambiance for progress, growth and economic development in UAE by offering adequate infrastructure and legal backing on par with international standards.

Under the constitution of UAE, DIFC is independent judicially with commercial and civil laws different from that of UAE. DIFC laws are in English to avoid ambiguity and DIFC has courts and judges from jurisdictions with common law like Singapore, England and Hong Kong. Though DIFC has independent laws, the immigration rules and criminal law is the same as UAE. DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre is modeled after London Court of International Arbitration. DIFC Authority is the main governing body for DIFC and DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) regulate financial services in DIFC, though it is different from UAE federal Securities and Commodities Authority that governs outside of DIFC.

Financial institutions can submit applications for a license and they’re benefitted from the 0% tax for income and profits, no limitations on Forex or profit/capital repatriation, 100% foreign ownership, business continuity and operational support amenities. Dubai International Financial Exchange is a privately owned financial exchange for DIFC and was listed as DIFX and rebranded as NASDAQ Dubai in 2008. DFSA regulates NASDAQ Dubai.

Dubai International Financial Centre Complex houses a hotel, Ritz Carlton that was opened in 2011. Dubai International Financial Centre also houses art galleries, restaurants and an array of outlets for shopping extravaganza. The Dubai shopping season has garnered acclaim worldwide and the number of tourists visiting during this season shoots through the sky. Many entrepreneurs would like to have a business established in DIFC and it isn’t surprising considering the perks and profits businesses get here. Matthew Roddan of Project Ninety Nine would recommend suitable and innovative project launch here, when an able leader is helming it.

The location of a business is very important and DIFC is one location businesses should consider. Not just for expansions, even new launches that are good would sure thrive and flourish here. There’s a reason why it is called Financial Centre and you must try it, to believe it.

Friday, 2 October 2015

What’s a Medium Term Note?

Medium-term note or MTN is when a debt note maturity period is 5 – 10 years, though technically the repayment duration or maturity period could be less than a year to a 100 years! These debt notes can be issued on floating or fixed coupon basis. Floating rate MTNs are either simple where the coupon is aligned
Euribor +/- basis points or it could be notes with complex structure and linked to indices, swap treasuries, etc.  If they’re issued to investors who aren’t residents of the US, they’re termed "Euro Medium Term Notes". Issuing MTNs to US-based investors calls for a US MTN program.

MTNs can come with fixed maturity date or come with put options, embedded call wherein MTNs could be redeemed per pre-accepted terms or speculations. MTN is usually issued for unsecured investment debts, with fixed rates, though it offers flexibility to both the issuer and investor when it comes to documentation and structure. While many use bank instruments for PPP and have an idea of how MTNs work, many don’t know how it really works! It is funny how they’re rising in popularity and many deploy it for different purposes, without knowing how these instruments work or what it really is! Matthew Roddan of Project Ninety Nine explains MTNs are a great way to get into PPP, especially since not many have the funds required to invest in PPP from their resources. Since PPP is gaining exposure and many would like to know if or not PPPs are what stuffs that make a mythical legend, let’s understand MTNs better.

According to Matthew Roddan, many aspire to invest in PPP but end up being unable to do so by trusting wrong people (brokers) or because they don’t have enough resources. The former is truer and why many think PPPs don’t exist. So, let’s understand MTNs better and how they can be used for PPP. MTNs are instruments of debt issued by banks and are sold to investors with a good face value, annual interest rate and maturity date. So, if you hold a note from Bank of America that’s worth 100 million, with interest rate of 7% each year, you will get 7 million till the instrument matures, after which you can cash it for its worth!

While MTNs are very similar to debt notes, it is more popular because of its price, flexibility, resale potential and option to be bought at a discount instead of its face value. According to Matthew Roddan from Project Ninety Nine, MTNs are available for more than fifty years and can effectively compete with any bank instrument. Since they were available for discounted rate, it became popular after “trading bank instruments” gained notoriety in the secondary market. PPP reign began soon after and Internet has made it even more popular and widely available. If you have an interest in PPP, MTNs Project Ninety Nine are your go-to option.

By Matthew Roddan

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Matthew Roddan

Matthew Roddan is the founder of Project 99 an innovative and new approach to project funding, providing funding solutions to projects throughout the world.

Matthew now offers only distinct consultancy services on a referral only basis. This work includes four major elements starting with forming private equity and similar entities; working on transactions for such funds; working on a wide array of cross-border joint ventures involving emerging markets and ending with working on various infrastructure projects in emerging markets which includes a wide range of credit & capital raise real estate based projects.

His works as a representative includes setting up a collective investment scheme investing in offline agreements for the purchase of gold in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, southeastern Europe and African areas.

He has also represented many private companies in making various investments in developments that include financing and restructuring of investments, establishing joint ventures connected to construction, real estate, financial and franchise projects in Africa, central & South America, South Asia and the Middle East regions.

Dealing with high net worth individuals in debt finance programs and advising on their risk or reward structure is another area of work as a representative.

Matthews work with Project99 involves the establishment of banking facilities for clients in jurisdictions such as Singapore, Dubai and Liechtenstein. Clients funds remain under their control at all times whilst also being able to leverage the funds for use in managed buy sell programs. The nature of the funding mechanisms offered require specialist knowledge and understanding of the the sale and purchase of bank debt.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Why Choosing the Right Web Design Company Is Important for Effective Websites

The first impression leaves an enduring impression. &, that is why the first step of choosing the right design company to create your net site can make or break your business. In an age when there's thousands of web companies, they are spoilt for choice. Making the right decision at this juncture determines the future coursework of our business.

The whole method of the web development comprises of a lot of factors. An online site is an interface between a company & the remainder of the world. When taking a look at generating an online site for your business & subsequently availing the services of a web development company to do so, here are some important points that must bear in mind.

Know your Audience

It is essential for you to know the audience that you will most likely cater to. The maximum profits can be gained from an online site in the event you have catered to the right audience.

You must have a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish from your net site. The net site design ought to cater to your goals. Have a plan in place with future projections clearly defined. Understand your competitors & understand how & why you are ahead of them.

Understand your Goals

It is important that your requirements are spelt out exactly & interpreted in the right manner by the web developer & the web developing company. This will be sure that your net site, is tuned & energized.

Spell Out your Requirements

Developing an online site is a creative method. A team having its creative juices flowing will be sure that your net site contains interactive web applications that are visually appealing to attract your audience's attention.


Technical Expertise

An ingredient which goes hand-in-glove with creativity. A lovely web developer helps you to translate your thoughts & ideas in to an effective net site design.

Relevant experience of the potential web developed company It is important to understand the kind of work done by the web company. Relevant experience will give an edge but does not must be a deciding factor. After all, "What is lovely for the goose is lovely for the gander". web design  

Competitive pricing

Future Maintenance

Pricing is a key factor when selecting your targeted customers. Compare quotations from different web designing companies to see what works best for you.

Content on an online site ought to not be static, as it will lead to the risk of getting stale. Be sure that the web development company provides adequate support to update your net site from time-to-time.

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Sports Betting Champ - Your Questions Answered

Before we start I'm going to make several presumptions about you:

1) You are totally new to games wagering on line.

on the other hand

2) You have found out about Sports Betting Champ, yet are still going back and forth on whether to join the a great many other people who are profiting from this astonishing games wagering framework.

Which ever class you fall into, I trust in the wake of perusing what I need to say today you can feel totally good with whatever choice you decide to make. So here goes.

In the event that you have gone to Sports Betting Champ or seen any surveys about this project, then I'm certain you will concur that they are all expression the same thing. How the inventor of SBC, John Morrison moved on from Cornell University with a PHD in detail. How he gains 100's of thousands for every year winning 97% of his wagers and how 100's of others are getting along the same blah blah....

Who truly minds? How does John winning several $1000's of dollars for every month help you or me? Primary concern, Here is the thing that you need to know:

Does it truly win 97%? How would I know its not a Scam? Will it work for me? What's more How much does it cost?

Being a part and utilizing Sports Betting Champ in excess of 2 years now, I am going to try my hardest to answer these inquiries focused around my individual encounters with the system. So how about we begin:

DOES IT REALLY WIN 97%? This by a wide margin is the number 1 question that everybody needs to know as the case sounds outlandish. The answer is really Yes & No, now given me a chance to clarify. On the off chance that you feel that you are really going to win 97% of your games wagers from utilizing this framework, then you are going to be baffled. John Morrison is not some super games wagering virtuoso who can anticipate each one amusement with that much exactness.

His framework is really focused around a 3 stage dynamic wagering arrangement and once the criteria is met to put down the first wagered, then the 3 section arrangement starts. Essentially the objective is to win 1 of the 3 diversions and you make benefit from that wager. So does he win 97% of his diversions - NO, however does he win 97% of the wagering arrangement - YES if not more. At the time of this thinking of he is really on a 169-0 run which is fantastic.

HOW DO I KNOW It\s NOT A SCAM? With the majority of the tricks out there are the web nowadays, I truly don't accuse you for posing this question. To be truly genuine the main way you are truly going to know and take out all uncertainty is to attempt it out for yourself. There are a huge amount of testimonials on the site from others that are utilizing the framework with extraordinary achievement and you are secured by the 60 day no bother Money Back Guarantee.

Games Betting Champ is Clickbank item, implying that you wouldn't even need to contact John for a discount. Their approach is that in the event that you are not fulfilled for what ever reason, they will issue a no inquiries discount inside the initial 2 months. To wrap things up, once you get the framework and take in the particular criteria's for each one wager (Which will take you short of what 15 minutes to comprehend) you can really retreat in history 10, 15 even 20 years to perceive how the framework really would have performed. No if that doesn't wipe out all uncertainty, then I'm truly not certain what will.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? The short answer is YES. In the event that you have the capacity take after a couple of straightforward leads and spot your wagers with your most loved online games book then you ought to have the capacity to accomplish the same comes about as whatever is left of us. The following are the results from the past few MLB and NBA seasons:

NBA Basketball:

2004-05 season: 68 wins - 2 Losses

2005-06 season: 71 wins - 3 Losses

2006-07 season: 66 wins - 2 Losses

2007-08 season: 80 wins - 1 Loss

2008-09 NBA season: 79 wins - 0 Losses

MLB Baseball:

2004 season: 33 wins - 0 Losses

2005 season: 38 wins - 0 Losses

2006 season: 66 wins - 1 Loss

2007 season: 35 wins - 0 Loss

2008 season: 43 wins - 0 Losses

The best part is that regardless of the fact that you would prefer not to take in the frameworks, John really will send you an email when the plays come up. I'll you need to do is take his picks, put down your wagers and watch the cash come in. It truly doesn't get much simpler then that.

SOUNDS GREAT, SO HOW MUCH? At the time of this written work, the expense is $197. Presently for a few this could be a ton and for others its simply a small detail. What's extraordinary about this cost is that its an one time cost as there is no month to month or yearly participation expenses. When you sign up and you are equipped with this data, you will have the capacity to benefit from this framework for whatever is left of your life. Somebody that is wagering $100 for every amusement essentially pays this off with simply the initial 2 wins. After that everything is benefit. In the event that you were to separate this expense in excess of 5 years, 10 years and so on you would plainly see that its very little for a lifetime of winning and benefits. You will have this paid off before you know it.

So fellows I trust this clears up the fundamental inquiries that you have about Sports Betting Champ. On the off chance that you might want to see my full audit on my site and to tell you what rewards accompany the project you can visit my Sports Betting Champ Review.

The Importance of Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design is your first necessary step towards Web market & is essential for making an impactful first impression on those who visit your site. Your web-site ought to be done by web design professionals. To put it basically, what separates professional web design from poor web design is whether or not a designer or web design company takes in to consideration the above items when designing & building an online site. Usually, a web designer or web design company claims to offer professional web design services for their clients. However, ought to they be promoting "web design services" than "professional web design services".

Professional web design is important to your companies picture. It will help your business grow, helping you to reach plenty of other businesses & customers that may not know that you currently service their needs. A quality design is important for any company that desires to keep ahead of their competition.

 main keys to a professional web-site are: Multiple-browser usability, minimized load times with the use of valid CSS, & valid HTML code that won't cause frustrated visitors to leave your web-site due to loading errors or extended load times.

Blatant unprofessional web design shows a lack of professionalism, thoroughness & thoughtfulness in general. Most of the time, poor web design is complemented by spelling mistakes, which makes it
even simpler to spot businesses that you would not need to deal with. Poor web design is of the leading causes of small business failure. of the most glaring examples of a poorly designed web-site is single-browser compatibility. There's literally thousands of home-based Web businesses struggling to make a living online & having a poor web-site is of the leading causes of small business failure. However to finish on a more positive note, although poor web design will  guarantee you anonymity on the search engines, nice web design will make sure that you have the best feasible chance against your competitors.

Whether you are trying to establish yourself as an online presence or acquire more clientèle, the quality of your web-site is crucial. Successful, efficient, professional web design is not basically accomplished, though. &, you must be cautious about selecting a designer because poor web design will give visitors a poor opinion of your company & your products. Forrester Research estimates that poor web design will lead to the loss of 50 percent of potential repeat visits, due to an preliminary negative experience. A professional web designer will talk with you about your business, your customers, & your expectations, before even speaking about the design of a brand spanking new web-site. Another source of poor web design is often derived from an internal worker.

Home Plan Design - Design Harmony and Proportion

This article is implied as a source of perspective tool compartment for home arrange plan amicability and extent. The creator wants to manage the handy how-to of it along these lines. The creator, a custom home architect, recommends that there's a spot in fashioner home plans for age-old Western thoughts of solidarity, agreement, request, extent, even Classicism.

Huge, for all intents and purpose these methods and thought processes conceivably material to creator house arrangements have been tended to in the writing and somewhere else chiefly to open or extensive private structures - arenas, holy places, colossal bank structures, and so forth - once in a while to home plan.

The creator has started applying some extremely old thoughts of outline to some new houses with achievement and astonishments.


There's a great deal of perusing on building outline extent and Classical configuration. The majority of its not particularly fascinating - clinical science, nautilus shells and phyllotaxis, immateriality borne of style, size, and so on.

In the creator's notion, these works are a percentage of the better:

1. The potent, substantial going: Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism by Rudolf Wittkower, W. W. Norton & Company, 1971.

2. The cannily captivating and elegantly composed The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World's Most Astonishing Number by Mario Livio, Broadway Books, 2002.

3. The directing presentation of the Orders, their making and changing in The Classical Language of Architecture by John Summerson, The MIT Press, 1962.

4. Of techniques and materials, Traditional Construction Patterns: Design & Detail Rules Of Thumb by Stephen Mouzon et al., Mcgraw-Hill. 2005.

5. The attentive, The Old Way of Seeing: How Architecture Lost Its Magic (And How to Get It Back) by Jonathan Hale, Houghton Mifflin, 1994.

6. The all-encompassing [but not over-arriving at, not hardly], A Pattern Language: Towns, Building, Construction by C. Alexander et al., Oxford University Press, 1977 and its sidekick The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander, Oxford University Press, 1979.


As to extent and extents alone, here are those in the blink of an eye supported by the creator, generally for their effortlessness of representation:

1. Brilliant Mean, or Golden Section or Golden Ratio, or Mark Barr's Ratio of Pheidias (a/k/a Phidias), or phi.

2. Lambda in Plato's Timaeus in addition to 5 & 7.

3. Managing lines (ou tracés regulateurs à la Auguste Choisy et Le Corbusier)

Subjectively, this is about offset, cadence, symmetry, a feeling of diagram from illusive to hard shake.

Point of view

For point of view, "The extent that the laws of arithmetic allude to reality, they are not sure; the extent that they are sure, they don't allude to reality." Sidelight on Relativity by A. Einstein, deciphered by G. B. Jeffery and W. Perret, London, 1922.

The functional utilization of these measurements so far for the creator for the most part relates - a) positive numbers from 1-9 solely, b) in addition to Phi and phi, c) by and large evident and generally symmetrical lines of relationship.


Remark: The functional utilization of these plans is to relate these numerical qualities and physical connections -

1. Entire, positive whole numbers from 1-9

2. Also Phi and phi

3. For the most part clear and normally symmetrical lines of relationship

4. The Fibonacci arrangement in parts of movement

Remark: In this current originator's conclusion, you can go anyplace from here with requested extents utilizing a lattice relating 1-9 to 1-9, keeping it straightforward. You know, 1:1, 1:2 . . . 9:8, 9:9. This home architect has additionally inclined into Phi=1.618, phi=0.618, and early entrances in the Fibonacci arrangement 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, ... Vesica Piscis, logarithmic spirals, dodecahedrons, and so forth are toll for others until further notice.

Remark: Rule of thumb (not this designer's, yet he can't remember whose conclusion this first was, and he imagines that, however the first fellow was talking churches or the like a few hundreds of years back, the fact of the matter is a superior reference for home outline than for bigger develops): go to for the most part to degrees somewhere around 4:3 and 7:1 as the scope of easily recognizable size refinement.

Remark: If you're just in the chase for numerical connections, thump yourself out: "music hypothesis online: pitch, demeanor, & timbre; lesson 27" by Brian Blood,, supporting (among others) Julien Guadet's suggestion, "Les extents, c'est l'infini." Eléments et théorie de l'architecture by J. Guadet, Four volumes, initially ed. 1901-1904, fourth ed. 1915, Vol. I, p. 138 ff.

Structuring home plan in a skeleton of extent, the creator finds that -

1. It's route simpler to start attracting with extent mind as a configuration premise than to endeavor its inconvenience later on.

2. Many-sided quality can overcome request or in any event leave the down to earth domain when extents multiply past the 9 picked whole numbers and the 2 picked irrationals, a/k/a while thorough in concordant configuration does not mean servile, it additionally does not mean messy or uncaring.

3. Getting over the top with this stuff can make you crazier. Appreciate.

4. There is an inclination to energy, an affinity herewith in that corresponding open doors can give themselves sui generis relative point of reference.

5. There emerge functional points of confinement especially on inner parts whereat capacity can run the show.

6. There is no getting away from a group's mindlessness to these matters when a customer requests the task should essentially comply with at times ugly plan decision focuses in staying aware of the Joneses, e.g., outsized windows, falls of peaks, unequal fragments, foreordained clad and trim, and so forth [a point which is reflected in customer or group request in unmindful or unfeeling takeoff from generally communicated style], a/k/a surrender it, the stallion won't drink; you pulled the water.

7. Unusualness records well every so often. So does guileful, or innovative; a little dissimilarity